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Cult Like Customers

You can’t have a business without customers. It’s that simple. If you can’t make your customers happy and give them a…

Winning at Life and Business

WINNING AT LIFE AND BUSINESS – ANYONE CAN DO IT You want to live at life and business, but man it…

Scaling and Optimizing your Business

You’re self-employed or a solopreneur and you’re looking to be something MORE. Maybe you feel trapped. You’ve created this business and…

Creating a Business Foundation

Don’t call yourself a business owner unless you have a business. If you’re creating a business that is beyond ‘self-employment’ then…

Rockstar Recruitment Strategies

A big part of running your business is hiring rockstar employees. Even when you think you can do it all yourself,…

Marketing Mechanics

SOCIAL MEDIA – YOUR FIRST MARKETING PILLAR Marketing and branding are the two most misused words in the business world. Marketing…

The Forces of a Powerful Business

You want to start a business or you already have – that’s amazing! You’re on the right track to achieving your…

Shifting your Money Mindset

Money can be such a triggering word. For many, it brings about negative words like judgment, lack, insecurity, or jealousy. Those…

Designing a Brand Blueprint

Before you put your sign out front, publish your website, or even utter a word about your business, you have to…

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