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Business Development
and Profit Growth Program

Founders Organization is a business consulting company
focused on business development, entrepreneur
education, growth and scale with targeted
implementation along side mastery level mentorship
from EXPERIENCED founders and business leaders.
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We’re different. And that’s the reason we’ve been dubbed the “DISRUPTOR” in the business development space by WSJ, ABJ and InBusiness.

Founders business development program increases your business acumen in 8 core business areas which results in more revenue, faster scale and less money bleeding out of your bottom-line.

We dive deep on topics like:


​Finance, KPI’s
and Your Metrics

​Architecting a Memorable Brand

​Recruitment, Hiring
& Team Design

​Creating Cult
Like Customers

Scaling Strategies


& Systems

We are not about just more information…
we are about implementation and execution.

HOW information applies to you and your business is far more important than the information itself.

Anyone can regurgitate information that they found or learned on the Internet…

But only a select few teach from decades of actual business experience building companies in diverse industries, leading teams with dozens of employees, managing multiple locations and doing million and millions in revenue.

Founders wasn’t created to build a business,

Founders was created
from building business.

And That Distinct Difference, Will Mean
Everything To You And Your Business.

Get The Clarity You Crave And The
Clear Direction You Need to Scale
And Grow Your Business.

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Here is a snapshot of just some of the Founders benefits:

Join our Real World Revenue Business Growth Intensive and Receive:



“ I thought for so long that being an entrepreneur was something that you had to do alone. The collaboration and the community has been the best part of this. ”

Renee Baur

CEO, Happy Even After Family Law

“ I've actually thought about the end, what's going to happen to Hope Natural Health, and my exit strategy from now until then. ”

Dr. Erin Ellis

Founder, Hope Natural Health

“ Candy is the golden nugget that I need, in my business, to rework some strategies and implement some new things in how I am operating the business. ”

Carly Gilleland

Founder, Good Vibe Media

“ The thing that is different about this particular mastermind and retreat is that you actually leave with some tangible things. ”

Judge Anthony

CEO/Founder, Judge Anthony Consulting

“ You don't operate a business based on your feelings, look at the data, look at the numbers. ”

Whitney Lee

Founder, Sociallee PR & Digital Media

“ What's so encouraging is that there is a formula to overcome the problems I was suffering with. ”

David Boyd

Founder/CEO, Blindspot Medical

“ The time that we are taking to actually put steps into place for the business and the clarity we have to execute our business plan is hugely valuable. ”

Dr Brooke and Dr Lynne

Co-Owner. Life After Kids

“ In being a part of Founders, I've been able to reverse engineer some of my existing processes, making them a lot easier and more scalable. ”

Stephanie Riel

Founder, Riel Deal Marketing

“ It's who you know! It's getting in rooms like this to talk with like minded people and to learn from people who are a few steps ahead of you ”



“ The biggest impact for me is the relationship and networking opportunity and just having a great group of new people supporting each other ”

Brandon Dave

Founder, Modern Maverick

“ It's a place that sparks creativity, sparks renewal, and new ideas. ”

Dr. Paul Kramer

Controller for ED Key

“ This has been a great event and I highly recommend others to be here whenever they can! ”

Dr. Chris Colgin

Founder, iChoose Wellness Center

“ Candy is present with every speaker and draws out all the best information. ”

Sandy Rocko


“ It's really cool to see the vision that these founders are using to propel their companies forward. ”

Lindsey Schwartz

Founder, Powerhouse Women

“ Listening to people on stage, meeting the girls I sit with, it sparks something within me to remind me I can do it. ”

Lanna Dang

Founder, Pamper'd Soul


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If you are interested in more information or
have other general inquires:

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being all-in), how ready are you to invest in growing your revenue and scaling your business? *

How did you hear about Founders?*

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