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5 Star Average Rating

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5 Star Average Rating

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A Top Podcast - DON’T miss out!

I love this podcast! I have few go to podcasts and this is one of them. Great content and guests. Always learn something new.



One of my new fav podcasts!

Trevor Oldham

Knowledge Bombs

Candy consistently delivers valuable information to her followers. She lays out ideas and strategies that can be applied to any business. She creates a space where we can all learn how to not only build wealth, but do it successfully. I truly enjoyed the Boost Your Revenue episode. Full of golden nuggets of info. My favorite strategy was increasing your average ticket/transaction amount. Valuable ideas to elevate your income. Looking forward to more episodes. Thank you Candy!



Can’t get enough

I’m such an advocate for women to take control of their financial health and create wealth that allows them freedom of choice. It can be so confusing when you’re first trying to learn the best way to increase your wealth what’s good advice, bad advice or what’s right for you. Since I heard Candy on the Powerhouse Women podcast I can’t get enough! I’m so excited to follow her podcast to soak up all the info of her experience and knowledge!


Meghan O’Brien

The Reconnected Momma

No fluff, all facts

One of my favorite things about Candy is her no fluff approach to business and teaching. With so much noise & flashy marketing out there, Candy shares the real facts. She teaches from experience, speaks from the heart, and always gives you tangible next steps. Oh, and let’s not forget about her incredible network we get to learn from as well. I can’t recommend this podcast enough!!!


Awesome Show

Helping us take our business to the next level and apply strategic knowledge! Thanks Candy! @amandabrownandco


Dropping Truth Bombs

I love love love this podcast! This is not a fluffy podcast! It’s jam packed with truth bombs, tactics and actionable business tactics. Jump in, grab a pen take notes and take action!



Candy is the Real Deal

I love that Candy is no fluff! She really delves into the nitty gritty, behind the scenes, business stuff that most people don’t share. Every time I listen to one of Candy’s episodes I learn something new, it’s amazing how knowledgeable she is and the guests she has on are top notch!


Candy is such a powerhouse!

She knows what she is talking about when it comes to all things business and having multiple revenue streams. Loved the Daymond John episode - no big deal!! Excited to learn more about how I can grow and run my business the right way so I can generate wealth!


Shorten your path to success!

Candy is not only an incredible founder and business mentor, she has a huge heart for giving back and is fiercely committed to making an impact! This podcast is off the charts valuable, you get to learn from someone that has two decades of experience starting, scaling, acquiring and exiting millionaire dollar businesses. She provides the actual strategy and tactics to make things happen! Increase your wealth and freedom 🙌

Sarah Brush, EVENTive Brush ❤️

EVENTive Brush

An honest review…

Candy Valentino is one of the most impactful communicators in the business world! Her message is clear, concise and very meaningful. Trust me….you will be inspired and motivated!!

Longboard Cowboys

The real deal with heart and soul

Candy is the real deal. She’s lived everything she talks about. She gives real actionable content that will not only transform your biz, but transform your life and legacy! This is a must listen show.

Mel Abraham

Excellent advice for all

This was such a great podcast. Full of positivity and wonderful advice. Looking forward to the next one!


You are the BEST

I have been following Candy for quite some time and always find her messages to be positive, uplifting, and exactly what I need to hear . Really glad she is doing this podcast.

Candy is the BEST!!

Fantastic content!

Outstanding, top notch content creating maintaining and growing a powerful business!


Listen to this!

Thanks so much for this amazing podcast! There is so much great advice and Candy has such a positive mindset. It’s so inspiring! I can’t wait to put all of this information to use (I took notes!).


Pure Gold!

You don’t need to be a business owner or future business owner to successfully implement this action-oriented and powerful advice ! I’m just an ordinary business manager that wants to help take the business I work for to the next level. The Branding and Marketing episode put into action has already made a huge difference. I feel motived and excited, thank you Candy!


So grateful

It’s always a wonderful thing when someone chooses to share their gifts with others as a way to help them find joy and success in their own lives; Candy is clearly one of those people. Her generosity and drive to help others is admirable, and I have learned so much from her both personally and professionally. This podcast has already been so helpful and has given me better direction and a more clear understanding of how to be successful in business. Having someone give you solid advice to help guide you through that difficult process is invaluable. Thanks for sharing your gifts, Candy!


Congrats!! Your success is our benefit!

Keep up the good work. WOW!! Powerful!!! First five episodes. Such a small frame packing such a huge punch. Thanx for the sting and demand on my life to go harder and come correct.


Way to Go

Finally a podcast about business from someone who actually had them! You think it

should be a requirement but it’s not. I’ve been a friend of Candy’s for years and even adopted a dog from her adoption center . She’s a class act and the real deal. This is going to GOLD



I’ve worked with Candy at two of her businesses. Her leadership and character has helped me through so much and I am thankful for her being in my life. This podcast is going to help a lot of people including me


Authentic, Real, & Powerful

Candy has the ability to draw out stories, give practical insight and inspire action all along the way! Tune into this podcast and you will be a better human because of it!

Zander’s Dad

Proud parents

This is so awesome babe. Even as a little girl, whatever you put your mind to, you accomplished it.

This is going to be great for everyone in business.

You took a 2 burnt buildings and made it a multi million dollar business, you took an old abandoned building and turned it into an animal shelter, and you took an old barn that was falling apart and turned it into an animal sanctuary... We are so proud of you babe, and with this, you will continue to help others achieve their goals too. Keep up the great work .


One In A Million!

Thank you for sharing and bringing the light!


More, more, more!

I love that Candy shares her actual best practices. She's knowledgeable & explained this in an easy way. My favorite advice was her talking about depending too much on 1 social media. Professional sound & recording made it easy an easy listening.


Can’t wait!

Candy has a proven track record and this podcast will stand out and have tremendous impact for your business. Can’t wait!


Do yourself a favour!

I have the incredible opportunity of learning from and collaborating with Candy through a mutual Mastermind Group. I can tell you you are in for a treat with her podcast! Do yourself a favour and put this subscription on your ‘must listen to’ list!


Solid guidance

Candy is taking us on a step by step journey into what makes for a solid business foundation and what makes for sound business strategies.

I can’t wait for more!


Great content from a great person!

I have the pleasure of working alongside Candy, and it is without a doubt because of her friendship and leadership that I have remained in my position for the past 8 years.

Candy has a huge heart for helping others. From people, to dogs, cats, chickens and pigs, Candy has the heart to help.

She is a powerhouse of knowledge in owning businesses and running non profits. Can’t want to hear what this podcast has in store!



Really intriguing trailer! Interested to hear the strategies


An experienced leader

So excited to listen to Candy share her knowledge. She is an experienced, successful leader and coach. Super easy to listen to and be inspired to take action.


Officialminihulk approved

This will be great advice for everyone. Trust me. Candy has been a great friend and has helped me through a lot. Stick around those that lift you up. Friends will always be friends, even if you haven’t been in contact, you can pick back up where you you off.

Vince Brasco

Love this podcast!

This is going to be great practical advice! Trailer was awesome! Can’t wait for the rest of the episodes to start coming in.


Candy is an absolute powerhouse

Candy is an absolute star filled with success, passion and intelligence. She has built multimillion dollar for-profit and non-profit business that have been extremely impactful. Candy is filled with great wisdom and triumph and I look to her for advice and inspiration! This is a must listen!


Love a strong business-minded woman with a mission!

Candy is not only knowledgeable but also high positive energy and extremely passionate about everything she does! I am a small business owner and I can’t wait for more great content from this podcast!


More of Candy Please

Candy is such a powerhouse, brilliant mind and so a big heart. There is so much to learn from her. Can’t wait to hear more!! Yesssss girl 🙌🏼


Straight Talk from the Real Deal

If you want someone who has real world experience building successful businesses, Candy is it. She has that rare perfect mix of practical action, strategy and mind set from someone uniquely qualified to do it all.


Great content

Candy is the real deal and has such great content to share. What I love most is your learning from someone who actually has been successful at entrepreneurship herself sharing actionable nuggets that anyone can use!

Rory Vaden


Incredible business advice and strategies from someone who’s done it all!


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