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“ You should listen to Candy Valentino because she’s actually done it. She overcame incredible odds, and accomplished goal after goal. She has conquered every obstacle, built and sold amazing businesses, and did it all with a humble helping heart. ”

Rory Vaden

New York Times Best Selling Author, Hall of Fame Speaker and Founder

Rory Vaden
If you want someone who has real-world experience building successful businesses, Candy is it. She has that rare perfect mix of practical action, strategy, and mindset from someone uniquely qualified to do it all.

Alison Lumbatis

Author, Founder & CEO Get Your Pretty On

Alison Lumbatis
Candy is filled with success, passion, and intelligence. She has built multimillion-dollar for-profit and non-profit businesses that have been extremely impactful. She has great wisdom and I look to her for advice and inspiration. This is a must. 

Michael Dash

Author and Founder 8 figure Staffing Company

Michael Dash



“ I thought for so long that being an entrepreneur was something that you had to do alone. The collaboration and the community has been the best part of this. ”

Renee Baur

CEO, Happy Even After Family Law

“ I've actually thought about the end, what's going to happen to Hope Natural Health, and my exit strategy from now until then. ”

Dr. Erin Ellis

Founder, Hope Natural Health

“ Candy is the golden nugget that I need, in my business, to rework some strategies and implement some new things in how I am operating the business. ”

Carly Gilleland

Founder, Good Vibe Media

“ The thing that is different about this particular mastermind and retreat is that you actually leave with some tangible things. ”

Judge Anthony

CEO/Founder, Judge Anthony Consulting

“ You don't operate a business based on your feelings, look at the data, look at the numbers. ”

Whitney Lee

Founder, Sociallee PR & Digital Media

“ What's so encouraging is that there is a formula to overcome the problems I was suffering with. ”

David Boyd

Founder/CEO, Blindspot Medical

“ The time that we are taking to actually put steps into place for the business and the clarity we have to execute our business plan is hugely valuable. ”

Dr Brooke and Dr Lynne

Co-Owner. Life After Kids

“ In being a part of Founders, I've been able to reverse engineer some of my existing processes, making them a lot easier and more scalable. ”

Stephanie Riel

Founder, Riel Deal Marketing

“ It's who you know! It's getting in rooms like this to talk with like minded people and to learn from people who are a few steps ahead of you ”



“ The biggest impact for me is the relationship and networking opportunity and just having a great group of new people supporting each other ”

Brandon Dave

Founder, Modern Maverick

“ It's a place that sparks creativity, sparks renewal, and new ideas. ”

Dr. Paul Kramer

Controller for ED Key

“ This has been a great event and I highly recommend others to be here whenever they can! ”

Dr. Chris Colgin

Founder, iChoose Wellness Center

“ Candy is present with every speaker and draws out all the best information. ”

Sandy Rocko


“ It's really cool to see the vision that these founders are using to propel their companies forward. ”

Lindsey Schwartz

Founder, Powerhouse Women

“ Listening to people on stage, meeting the girls I sit with, it sparks something within me to remind me I can do it. ”

Lanna Dang

Founder, Pamper'd Soul

I wanted to work with a business strategist who is an actual business owner, someone who has real-life experience building incredibly successful businesses from the ground up. I wanted to work with someone who is able to break down building an impactful business into easy-to-implement steps. Candy checks all the boxes!"

Dr. Emily Dietrich

Physician and Health Concierge

Dr. Emily Dietrich
"Candy is the type of person that brings an overwhelming amount of energy into a room. She has an unlimited passion to teach, coach and develop people. As a friend she has helped me to grow personally, and as a mentor she has helped me in many different areas of my business. I’ve never met someone as focused and dedicated to any challenge that is in front of her. "

Melissa Blystone

CEO Valley Dairy Restaurants

Melissa Blystone
"Candy is the person you want in your corner! She is so generous with her time, ideas and passion. When you work with her, you can just feel how much she wants you to succeed. She’s just as excited about your business as you are! I just told someone, “Candy is a woman who truly roots for other women.” And this attitude makes you believe in yourself. You couldn’t find a better coach and business consultant."

Jessica Rafferty

Attorney, Estate & Trust Law

Jessica Rafferty

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