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Shifting your Money Mindset

Money can be such a triggering word. For many, it brings about negative words like judgment, lack, insecurity, or jealousy.

Those aren’t pleasant feelings and they don’t do you or anyone else any good.

Now just because you’ve had those feelings doesn’t make you a ‘bad’ person. We’ve all felt them, but now is the time to shift them.

If you want to up-level your income and create more impact, do more amazing things, contribute more, and help more people, read on.


First, identify your triggers. What happens when you hear the word money? Do you run away – hoping the conversation will end? Do you feel filled with rage or jealousy?

Facing those feelings is the start because if we never talk about it and never decide where we want to be – we’ll never get there.

Think about why you are triggered. What are you feeling? Is it something from your childhood or something someone taught you? Is it a comment someone made to you one time that stuck with you? Is it a belief system you’ve bought into?

Facing these feelings – identifying them, unwrapping them, and figuring out how to get through them is where the growth starts.


Where do your beliefs about money come from? Some people are programmed to think money is evil. Your community, culture, and family subconsciously create these feelings. Money could be negative without you realizing it.

Everything gets downloaded in your mind. You run these unconscious programs, but you don’t realize it.


It’s not right or wrong – your family only knows what they know. That’s what they teach you. But hearing other ways may help you shift your mindset.

Take buying a house for example. We’ve all been raised thinking that paying double for a house is normal. You pay the sales price, but then you borrow the money for 30 years, paying the sales price all over again in interest. That’s normal, but talking about money isn’t?

Yes, money causes challenges and stress. But it’s worth diving into those topics to fix the issues.

If you keep the negative money mindset, your beliefs will hold you back in your conscious and subconscious.

It’s human nature. We need to be consistent with the blueprint that we use to define ourselves. If you think you aren’t worth the money, you don’t deserve money, or money never comes to you – you speak that into existence and that’s what occurs.

But, if you think money is energy and can amplify who you already are, it will come to you. If you have a great relationship with money it will amplify who you are whether that’s good, bad, or indifferent.

For example, if you are kind, giving, and generous, then you can do amazing things when you have more money. You can have more impact and do more in the world.

If you come from a place of lack, you can’t contribute. You can’t make as much of a difference as you would like. You can’t do those extra things when you can’t pay your bills and make ends meet.

You must embody the mindset that you’ll always have more than you’ll need. If we believe that we never have enough – we never will. If you believe money is abundant and comes to you effortlessly, then that is what will happen.

These are your core values. They are what you speak into existence and make happen, but then, of course, you have to do the work. Money needs direction. You need a plan or you have a plan to fail.


Comparing yourself creates lack and envy.

Just like you have health goals, have personal financial goals. They are yours, and no one else’s.

Don’t compare your finances to anyone but yourself.

When you feel jealousy or lack, every time you compare yourself it shifts you back into lack. You don’t know their situation. They could be putting themselves in debt. Is that where you want to be? You shouldn’t.

Instead, focus on you.

Start a daily gratitude practice. Before you get out of bed each day, think of at least five things you are grateful for. If you have more time, don’t stop there – keep acknowledging what you’re grateful for.

Even on the days, you don’t think you have anything to be grateful for – get out of that lack mindset. If you’re here, you have a computer or phone. You probably have a house and a car. You have a family (of any sort). You have electricity, food, water, etc.

You have more than most. Even in the worst times.

Shift your mindset to gratitude and stop the scarcity mindset. Step into the abundance that is here for you. Stop participating in gossip and lack. That’s how you shape future generations.

If you say ‘I’ll never be able to afford that’ you just spoke it into existence. It happens without you realizing it. Get rid of it.

It’s okay to realize you have a negative money mindset – you just need to breakthrough. And up-level your money mindset.


Debt is a four-letter word no one wants to talk about.

It’s everywhere – ads, social media, and in everyday conversations. When you use credit cards or finance a house or car, you create this mirage that you’re worth it and/or are successful, but in reality, you’re draining your finances.

This causes more stress, pressure, and overwhelm. Instead, focus on what you can afford. If you can’t write a check for it – don’t buy it. If you have to finance it, such as a house, make sure it’s for the short-term – don’t pay more than necessary.

Focus on your ability to generate income. This is the best way to increase your wealth. As you age, this slows down, so having a solid financial framework is important for your future.

Your financial framework is about what you keep, not just what you make. Optimize write-offs, don’t pay crazy interest rates, and structure your company correctly for tax advantages. Work with a professional so you get the most deductions – keeping as much money as possible.

You have to be prepared for anything. Do you have cash reserves? You should have at least 3 to 6 months of expenses on hand should an emergency strike. Job loss, illnesses, and natural disasters all threaten your financial freedom – getting prepared now ensures you make it through no matter what life throws at you.

Everything shifts drastically. Just look at Netflix and Blockbuster or Uber and taxis – no one could have predicted the world would change this month. You have to be ready for anything.

This means focusing on your insurance needs and focusing on retirement. You can’t focus on these with debt. You need to be present, debt-free, and aware of what you need. What type of insurance do you need? What coverage will make a disaster easier at least financially?

Your money mindset plays a major role in your personal financial mindset and your business mindset. It’s time to get yourself in a positive financial mindset. Now is the best time to work on reframing how you look at money. Are you ready to take your money mindset to the next level? There’s no better time to start than today!



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