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The Fastest Way to Switch from OVERWHELM to JOY.

Anyone need some good news today? You are alive. You are breathing. You have life and are life. You were given the incredible gift of this day. You are here to make an impact. You were designed to create ripples in the world. You are blessed beyond measure.

Millions of people around the world are working their guts out wishing and praying to be in the place where we are right now.

I think we all have those moments when we think ‘life’ feels a little heavy. I know I do.??‍♀️ Do you?

May we always remember that the fastest way to switch from the feeling of OVERWHELM to the feeling of JOY is to change your perspective. Shift your focus to all of the gifts we have to be grateful for and watch your world radically change.

When you look at the faces of your kids, remember the moms who lost theirs too young.

When sit to pay bills for your home or your car, remember the people who have neither.

When you feel like life has given you too much to bear, remember the people who are lying in hospital beds right now praying for one more breath and the love ones who are sitting in sorrow.

Be grateful for each step, each stumbling block, each challenge because it means you are still here… for a reason.

Life is always a choice of how we see it. Our choice. Your choice. Which is the MOST powerful thing we have.

When I get in those moments of drowning under what seems like too much to bear, I remember the gift of LIFE that I was given today.

Only then can I see how magical and beautiful this gift is and how grateful I am for all that it brings. It’s an honor to go through the struggles because I know it is preparing me for something great. Greatness lies ahead my friends. Find all the good around you and keep going.



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