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Are You Suffering From the Disease of “Not Enoughism”?

Have you ever stopped for a moment and looked back at how far you’ve come?

Like WOW. What if we all stopped for one second and gave ourselves a little credit?

What if we chose to look back 5 years ago, 10 years ago and DECIDED to see all the good? See our wins regardless how small. See the accomplishments we fought to achieve. See the growth in who we’ve become.

I am so guilty of this. I’m always so focused on who I want to be and where I want to go that I never stop and honor the person I already am.

You are here. You made it this far.
No you aren’t perfect. Sure it might not have been pretty. It might not have been the path you thought you were going to take and quite frankly parts of it probably sucked. But look how far you’ve come! ??

It seems like no matter how focused we are or what stage of life where are in, we tend to always catch the disease of “not enoughism”.

We didn’t do it fast enough.
We didn’t do it big enough.
We didn’t earn enough money.
We didn’t lose enough weight.
We didn’t gain enough muscle.
We didn’t give enough.
We didn’t say enough.
Enough of not being enough.

Celebrate the journey and honor the challenge of what brought you to today. You made it this far! You are doing better than you thought! You are on this earth for a reason and may we never forget that WE have a purpose.



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