I’m joined by Amy Lacey, founder of Cali’flour Foods and national best-selling author of Cali’flour Kitchen and The Clean Switch. After being diagnosed with lupus in 2010, she needed to make major changes in her diet and give up one of her favorite traditions: pizza with her family on Friday nights. She decided to get creative in the kitchen and ended up developing the OG cauliflower pizza crust that actually satisfied her cravings, but helped her stay on track with her health goals.

Amy talks candidly about mistakes that she’s made along the way, including not having solid legal contracts in place and not trusting her intuition. She gives her top tips when it comes to finding the right business partner and investors. We discuss her non-traditional exit, valuing the success of the company over your own ego, and what her role at Cali’flour Foods is nowadays. Amy shares so much wisdom about branding, scaling, and the power of showing up, so tune in to hear her story and learn more!


  • How making your customer the hero will transform your profitability and growth
  • Amy’s process of getting Cali’flour Foods in supermarkets
  • How Amy’s ‘handshake mentality’ backfired
  • The story behind how Cali’flour Foods went from -$269,000 in profit to $5.6 million (and then $20 million the year after that!)
  • Accepting that you have limited skills and partnering with people who complement your abilities
  • The bittersweet nature of operational efficiency and realizing that your brand can run without you



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